Our Expertise

Serverless Applications

Google Cloud Functions and Google App Engine are excellent platforms for deploying serverless applications. We can help you build and deploy such apps as part of your mobile or web development project.

Cloud Data Services

Google Cloud Platform provides wide range of functionality, be it large scale data extraction, processing and analysis or AI/ML applications.

Mobile App Backends

We have a penchant for data intensive apps. Large scale and real time data processing and analysis in the backend are essential for a feature rich mobile application.

Optical Character Recognition

Extraction of text from images is called Optical Character Recognition. We can provide OCR services using the opensource Tesseract program or Google Cloud Vision platform for largescale and more efficient OCR.


Raspberry PI serves as an excellent portable Linux machine. We have used Raspberry PI to capture cell phone data (calls and SMS) and provide variety of functionality to the callers.


Python Django is the best platform for developing web applications be it small or large scale. Custom web application development requires meticulous planning and attention to detail which are adept at.