Case Studies

Extraction of Karnataka voter data from PDF files

Indian authorities make available voter data on their websites in PDF format which is not of much use for social organisations involved in research and analysis of voter data.

We have developed solutions to extract, parse and create structured voter data from PDF files, this data can then be synced to an SQL database and variety of analyses run.

Large scale transliteration of Indian names from English to Telugu

Translation is changing the language of content along with the meaning, while Transliteration is only about changing the language and not bothering about the meaning.

As a part of voter data analysis, we have transliterated over 50 million Indian names from English to Telugu using Google transliteration API and parallel processing techniques.

Capturing and managing SIM card calls and SMS

Public figures who have hundreds of thousands of fans need a way keep tab on their fans and hear their feedback.

We have used the device RaspberryPI as a server and connected 3 GSM modems to it. Each GSM modem carried one SIM card. All calls and SMSes were captured and auto responses set.